Why Should We Hire A Professional Painter?

At the time of making a small reform or painting the house, we always consider hiring a professional painter or doing it on our own. In recent years, people tend to do it on their own mostly for economic reasons, which can also be fun.

In fact, it has many disadvantages to carry out these painting works since the result will not be the same since professional painters know painting techniques perfectly.

The most frequent errors when painting:

  • Do not clean the walls
  • Do not use a suitable base before painting
  • Do not adequately protect the soil and surrounding articles
  • Paint new layers without previous ones being dry

Therefore, at Pintores Bilbao Iturralde, we have professional experts who will not make these typical mistakes. Next, we will tell you the advantages of hiring a professional painter:

Our experts will choose the right type of paint, depending on the room or the type of wall.

In addition to this, our painters will advise you on the most appropriate color according to the stay and the current trends.

Bilbao Iturralde painters have the best working tools since according to the area that you want to paint, a different utensil will be used.

In many cases, it is essential to clean the wall as there are dampness or cracks which must be repaired so that the paint adheres properly and we can guarantee a longer life.

It is also very important to adequately protect the furniture so that it does not stain or cause damage during the painting of the room. If your needs are to remove gotelé or wallpaper we can also offer you a good service. Once the room is painted, the person in charge of painting will also reposition your furniture if it has been necessary to move them and will do a thorough cleaning.

Do not hesitate to ask for a quote without commitment, we will offer it to you in less than 24 hours and you can also request the visit of a painter in order to solve different doubts about the painting.